The Most Hilarious Psy-Ops Provocation of All Time

why is it called punkt and why is the model MP01. oh, right, the title covers that. over to you, neo


Does your smartphone freak you out?

Are you a design-forward urbanite looking to disconnect?

Are you cognizant of the many ills of smartphones, yet not smart enough to choose a dumbphone that will actually rid you of those ills?

Enter the Punkt MP01.

You will still have an accelerometer logging your every movement should someone at the NSA want to do so.

You will still have a device with a non-removable battery whose microphone can be turned on remotely for private security firms and government security agencies to avail themselves of, potentially entirely without any good reason.

In the process you will spend 2-5x what you would spend on a passable smartphone. You will lose GPS (for yourself, anyway). You will lose multimedia messaging. You will lose tethering. And everyone will think you are a bit nuts.

Which, at this point, you probably are. Good luck out there.