Reverse Engineering the Steve Jobs Biographies: Part 4

i think i forgot something

yeah. right. death.

“why are you writing about Steve Jobs? he was so early 2010s, the world, and by the world we mean America, has moved on, why are you rehashing the past?”

because the real story of Steve Jobs provides a model for what a lot of American entrepreneurs who generate unique intellectual property experience, including the human, who is pretty pissed off about it

specifically, the model is as follows:

  1. generate unique intellectual property, or even just possess the unique combination of knowledge and skills to generate it within a certain domain
  2. refuse CIA-generated ‘serendipity’: incredible, improbable introductions to investors somehow based in the middle of bumfuck nowhere and introductions to other random people who want you to couple up with a potential cofounder who works at a major corporation but doesn’t seem to actually do or know much about the subject at hand aside from tangential interests
  3. find yourself somehow totally unable to generate any source of income aside from miserable, demeaning service jobs despite being extremely well educated, competent, and highly productive

guess what, it’s flowchart time

have you:

a) surrendered 50%+ of your intellectual property to attorneys, cofounders, investors yet? if yes, celebrate: assuming you built something more potentially societally influential than a stupid consumer-facing platform app, you just may be allowed to become the next Aaron Swartz, founder of Reddit, who “committed suicide”!

or have you:

b) refused to engage in a valueless exchange and, instead, done things like sending major VCs cans of dog food when they try to troll you into paying to enter pitch competitions or repeatedly applying to accelerators (psychological technique to generate commitment & impressions of exclusivity) and just openly, publicly mocked tech billionaires who are actually welfare queen losers in private life?

i sent paul graham of y combinator a little giftso paul got someone at the other startup the human was working for to try to feed me a bag of silica gel. true story. paul’s a giant loser.

(but I don’t eat silica gel, so paul decided then to take his inappropriate, childish anger out on the human by making Checkr – paul’s background check company – report and/or upgrade a bunch of traffic tickets on the human’s record most of which never actually happened.)

man, that’s not really a flowchart, is it. shit.

 perhaps when the first box of a flowchart ends with “most probably kill yourself” you don’t really need a flowchart

But this part of the Steve Jobs series isn’t about his death.

we won’t discuss how easy it is to induce certain cancers and other diseases that can lead to cancers, or who might have had an incentive to do that, nor will we discuss the many perfectly good strategic reasons a CEO might have to consider faking his own death. talk is cheap, and if we had some sort of unique or useful verifiable insight to add in regards the circumstances of Steve’s death, we’d have done it already.

sorry, folks, tupac haaaaas…left the building!

The takeaway here is that the USA’s security services are actively destroying the lives of nice, smart people who just occasionally feel the desire to spontaneously build things for humanity. It is sad and pathetic and the FBI/CIA/NSA are a bunch of degenerate peasants leading the country they exist to serve and protect off a cliff.

Eventually, we also will explain why this is.