Life Under Surveillance Abroad

occasionally the human enjoys a glass of wine

this one claims to be a Rothschild wine and we don’t know if that’s actually true nor are we sure exactly why there seems to be an Ukrainian flag on the foil, but it is $12 in the USA and for that price it is quite good

anyhow, the wine we are discussing is not the wine above

Wine is an interesting thing, as an attack vector against someone you don’t like.

This is because the contents of wine aren’t really regulated.

I mean, back in the ’80s there was a court case about the legality of adding automotive anti-freeze to wines to give the impression of age, but basically, for any sort of real regulation to happen someone probably has to die first

so awhile back, the human moved to a new part of a major city in a former Soviet Union country, started shopping at a new grocery store and found a good, dry white wine from Georgia (country, not US state) that was about $6.50 a bottle that he would periodically buy

The human moved for his own safety and has been under surveillance for a long time because his grandparents were important people plus he formerly had an important job and he speaks several languages which makes the proletarian CIA & NSA very uncomfortable

One day, he bought a new bottle, took a swig, noticed it tasted different from what he was accustomed to, spit it out immediately, and began to examine it.

old (good) bottle on the left, new one on the right

real one has darker ink, multicolored & shinier hologram strip, different fonts, etc.

here’s the label from the real bottle

and here’s the label from the fake bottle

But the real difference is in the contents. The good bottle on the left is a delicious, dry white with low content of sulfites and other preservatives and impurities.

The one on the right is sweeter and has enough histamine-reaction-inducing sulfites and other impurities to put a horse out for a week.

No joke. The human drank literally just one mouthful as a test and within an hour was unable to breathe out of his nose for an entire day and was practically injecting himself with double espressos just to stay awake.

I mean, if your favorite grocery store wine costs $6.50 and someone’s faking the label, you’re obviously being targeted.


now, why is this important?

Inflammation, as it happens in response to allergens – increases the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. So, in addition to making you lethargic, a strong allergic reaction will also increase absorption of whatever other chemicals happen to be in wine (in addition to the alcohol) into your brain.

On one hand, hey! Great! You get drunk faster and cheaper!

on the other hand, hmm…what else is in there?

and in this case, the answer to that question appears to be, “poison”.